SKIMA 2015 - Conference Schedule    
Tuesday, 15 December, 2015    
8:00 9:00 REGISTRATION    
9:00 10:00 Opening Ceremony : Inauguration of the conference by Honourable Minister Mr Giriraj Mani Porkharel, Minister for Education, Nepal    
10:10 11:00 KEY NOTE SPEECH 1 : Prof. Emilia Mendes, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (Session Chair - Syed Akhter Hossain)    
11:00 11:30 Coffee Break 11:00-16:00 Poster session (Authors - please be next to your poster in break times)
    Technical session 1: Session Chair - Nopasit Chakpitak Technical session 2: Session Chair - Khin Lwin   114 Efficient Multicommodity Evacuation Traffic Routing Planning to Develop a Smart City
    Information and Knowledge Management Security and Encryption   106 Network Access Control using Software Based Firewall System
11:30 11:50 69 Knowledge Map on Alcohol Drinking Behavior Modification in Rural Community, Thailand Sanpatong Hospital, Chiang Mai University 38 Preserving Privacy in Social Network Graph with K-anonymize Degree Sequence Generation Jadavpur University 77 An Enhanced Social Media-Based Model for Disaster Risk Management
11:50 12:10 88 A Practical Way to Integrate Simulation based on SCOR Model College of Arts Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University 98 Visual Cryptography using Image Pixel Transparency with Cover Image Kantipur Engineering College, Pulchowk Campus, IOE 102 Coordination of Transmission and Distribution system expansion for resource maximization case of Power system in Nepal
12:10 12:30 97 Serious Game to Motivate the Knowledge Sharing among Knowledge Technicians in Machinery Relocation of Foreign Direct Investment Chiang Mai Univrsity, University of the West of Scotland 48 Color Image Steganography Technique Using Daubechies Discrete Wavelet Transform Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Institute of Engineering 109 Design of a pack of supercapacitor for mobility propulsion purposes
12:30 12:50 35 Structuring Knowledge Model on 4 Pís Marketing Mix Concept of Chinese Tourism Management for Entrepreneurs Using Knowledge Engineering College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University 82 A Low Voltage Tunable Filter for Analog Baseband of Software Defined Radios Chonbuk National University, Korea    
12:50 14:00 Lunch    
    Technical session 3: Session Chair - Rabindra Bista Technical session 4: Session Chair - Subarna Sakya      
    Intelligentmodels and systems Recognition, Security and Protection      
14:00 14:20 62 Real-time Mobile Enabled Scheme for Virtual Spectacle Frame Selection Anglia Ruskin University 108 Image Steganography: Protection of Digital Properties Against Eavesdropping Kantipur Engineering College 15 Sept††††††††† 11:00-16:00 FUSION, cLINK, gLINK and SmartLink individual meetings and promotional activities (Project coordinators to organise as required)
14:20 14:40 19 Modelling of tumour-induced angiogenesis with regress by immune factor Northumbria University 49 Performance Analysis of Various Optimization Techniques for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems on Resource-Constrained Devices Central Department of Computer Science and IT, Tribhuvan University, Tech-World IT Partner Pvt. Ltd.    
14:40 15:00 111 Towards Realizing the Smart Product Traceability System Universite Lumiere, Lyon 2 117 Implementation of Branchless Banking in Nepal: Challenges in Distributing Social Security Cash Transfer Singhania University, Tribhuvan University    
15:00 15:20 89 A Cyber-Physical model for platoon system DISP, Systems and Transportation Laboratory UTBM 45 Automatic Nepali Number Plate Recognition with Support Vector Machines IOST, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, IOE, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal    
15:20 15:40 56 Load Balancing in High Traffic Web Server in Cloud Kathmandu University, Kantipur City College 39 Human Action Invarianceness for Human Action Recognition Faculty of Computing, Director of UTM Big Data Centre, UTM    
15:40 16:00 Coffee Break    
    Technical session 5: Session Chair - Arun Timalsina Technical session 6: Session Chair - Manoj Sakya      
    Intelligence and Informatics Wireless And Telecommunication      
16:00 16:20 9 Integrating romanized Nepali spellchecker with SMS based decision support system for Nepalese farmers IOE, WRC, Gandaki College of Engineering & Science, School of Business, Pokhara University 4 Hybrid Approach to Distributed Wi-Fi Performance Assessment for Multi-floor Structures Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad 15 Sept†††††††† 16:00-18:00 EACEA EMA2 Projects session (Session Chair - Alamgir Hossain)
16:20 16:40 118 A Word Sense Disambiguation Method for Feature Level Sentiment Analysis University Lyon 2, Daffodil International University, Lilley University 25 On the Study of Wireless Signal Noise for Designing Network Infrastructure of Knowledge Management Systems University of the West of Scotland, Beijing Institute of Technology, China University of Petroleum 16:00-16:35 Clink, gLINK, SmartLink coordinators' presentations
16:40 17:00 52 Deep Learning Based Large Scale Handwritten Devnagari Character Recognition IOE, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, IOST, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal 95 Localization techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks University of Gujrat, University of the West of Scotland 16:35 - 17:00 EU opportunities - presentation by Virgilio MIOLATO, EACEA represenatative
17:00 17:20 119 A Systematic Mapping Study on Assitive Technologies for People with Dementia Bournemouth University 13 Performance Analysis of Spatial and Transform Filters for Efficient Image Noise Reduction Kantipur Engineering College 17:00-18:00 Panel discussion and Q&A on the project challenges and opportunities
                  Panel - Virgilio MIOLATO, Hongnian YU, Nauman ASLAM, Keshav DAHAL
Wednesday, 16 December, 2015 Wednesday, 16 December, 2015
8:30 9:00 REGISTRATION    
9:00 9:50 KEY NOTE SPEECH 2: Prof. Magne JÝrgensen, Simula Research Laboratory; University of Oslo, Norway ( Session Chair - Navaraj Karki)    
9:50 10:10   Coffee Break         09:50-15:20 Poster session (Authors - please be next to your poster in break times)
    Technical session 7: Session Chair - Hongnian Yu Technical session 8: Session Chair - Xinheng Wang      
    Software Engineering Disaster management and Resilience††   112 Towards Meta-Products Federating Cloud Platform
10:10 10:30 67 Communication related issues in GSD: An Exploratory study Indian School of Mines Invited talk Smart ICT Infrastructures for Disaster Management and Resilience" chairs has invited Prof Webersik  University of Agder (UiA) 5 A Survey on Java Virtual Machines for Wireless Sensor Networks
10:30 10:50 8 Dynamic Quality Control in Agile Methodology for Improving the Quality. Tata Consultancy Services 110 COMPARISON BETWEEN SINGLE AND MULTIPLE DEGREES OF FREEDOM SYSTEMS FOR THE SEISMIC RESPONSE ESTIMATION OF COMPOSITE STRUCTURES Hellenic Open University, Nepal University 60 Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Unskilled Laborís Reverse Migration
10:50 11:10 2 The Effect of the Time Unit on Software Development Effort Estimates Simula Research Laboratory 99 Collaborative Crosschecking System of Observed Loss Estimation for Disaster Relief Management Mae Fah Luang University, Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute 28 Evacuee Information System on Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake
11:10 11:30 61 Effort Estimation Practices in Software Companies in Nepal Kathmandu University 24 SCHEDULING ALGORITHMS OF WIRELESS MESH NETWORKS FOR APPLICATIONS IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT: A SURVEY University of Gujrat, University of The West of Scotland    
11:30 12:00 6 Impact of Aspect Oriented Programming in Java Kathmandu University 103 EMYNOS: A Next Generation Emergency Communication Platform for people with disabilities Hellenic Open University, Fraunhofer Fokus
12:00 13:00 Lunch              
    Technical session 9: Session Chair - Rajesh Karki Technical session 10: Session Chair - Yacine Ozrout      
    Energy and Environment Education Systems and Management      
13:00 13:20 76 Design, Modelling and Simulation of Improved Power Sharing Scheme for Parallel Inverters in a Microgrid ioe 33 e-Ketabtoon: Framing the Future of e-Learning in Afghanistan Kobe Institute of Computing 11:00-14:00 FUSION, cLINK, gLINK and SmartLink individual meetings and promotional activities (Project coordinators to organise as required)
13:20 13:40 44 Reliability Constrained Smart Home Management with Renewable Energy Saskatchewan Research Council, University of Saskatchewan 64 A Proposed Framework for University Ranking System of Developing Countries United International University, Educational Research Foundation; University of Southampton    
13:40 14:00 46 Improved Active Power Sharing Strategy for ELC Controlled Synchronous Generator Based Islanded Micro Grid Application ioe 121 Enhancing knowledge management practices among employees through high quality leader member exchange, mediating role of employee job satisfaction, and retention Bournemouth University 14:00-16:00 gLink/cLINK Meeting (cLink and gLink coordinators/partners and Virgilio MIOLATO)
14:00 14:20 65 An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Load Shedding Minimization in Smart Grids United International University 57 Cloud Technology in Higher Education: A Review Kathmandu University    
14:20 14:40 55 Control of PMSG Based Wind Turbines For Renewables Based DC Distribution Institute of Engineering, TU, Politecnico di Milano, Stord Haugesund University Collegem, Haugesund 107 Use of ICT in Classrooms in Nepal; A study of Student-Centered Learning using ICT LogPoint, Three60 Consulting    
14:40 15:00 27 A Regression Analysis into Nepali ICTís Energy Consumption and its Implications Martin Chautari 1 Challenges and Factors affecting E-Governance practises in Nepal Pokhara University, Western Region Engineering College, Kookmin University    
15:00 15:20   Coffee Break            
    Technical session 11: Session Chair - Aicha Sekhari Technical session 12: Session Chair - Shuang Cang      
    Information and Knowledge Management Network and Web Technology      
15:20 15:40 101 Detection of Phishing Emails using Data Mining Algorithms Northumbria University, Al Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University,Anglia Ruskin University 116 A DBMS Based Inventory Model and its Timeframe Study in Automobile Spare Parts Import Management Acme Engineering College    
15:40 16:00 122 Managing the Knowledge for Chinese Tourists: the Destination of Thailand Sichuan Provincial Research Institute of Thai Studies 120 A Holistic Simulation Model for Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Using Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks (WBASNs) Bournemouth University    
16:00 16:20 40 Assessing Job Positions of Software Engineering Field from Personality Traits Chiang Mai University 74 Serious Game Development for Competence Development in Internet of Things and Information Sharing Bhutan College    
16:20 16:40 87 Communication, cooperation and knowledge management for the design and operation of innovative logistics clusters University of Bremen 91 A Bidding System For StarCraft II Planning Agents Stuttgart Media University, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow School of Art    
18:00 21:00   Cultural Programme and Banquet Dinner            
Thursday, 17 December, 2015  
9:00 9:50 KEY NOTE SPEECH 3 : Prof. Zia ul QAYYUM, University of Gujrat, Pakistan( Session Chair - Nauman Aslam)    
9:50 10:10   CLOSING CEREMONY (Session Chairs - Keshav Dahal and Rameshwar Rijal)            
10:10 10:30   Hi-Tea            
10:30 12:30   Sight Seeing in Kathmandu